Sometimes I’m Slutty

Take me for what I’m worth

Part 1

Coming home with some random guy wasn’t my intention. I’m not that kinda girl. It’s not that I have these rock solid morals or anything. I just always thought it awkward to go home with a stranger, yet here I was, riding shotgun in this guy’s truck, rolling up to his house, knowing I’d do things I’d regret in the morning.

He parked in front of his small cabin-like home, meeting me at the front of the truck and leading me across the gravel drive. My feet burn. These heels that I thought were so cute have turned into sadistic torture devices with each step, but I swallow the pain because they bring me eye level with Jake, and these couple added inches might come in handy for our first kiss.

“So, this is my place,” Jake said. He held open the front door and invited me inside, tossing his keys on the wooden stand in the entryway.

I took a moment to look around. You can tell a lot about people by how they live, and Jake’s house, complete with bare walls and mismatched furniture, made me comfortable enough to think I wouldn’t end up chained in the basement.

Jake’s home was a prototypical bachelor pad. Empty whisky bottles stood on the kitchen counter, cases of beer stacked in the corner, and Taco Bell spilling out over the top of the garbage.

“I’m gonna use the bathroom real quick,” Jake said, squeezing my hand. “Make yourself at home.”

I held tight to Jake’s hand, only letting go when our distance pulls us apart, and move into the living room.

There’s a guy laying on the couch with his arm covering his face when I enter. I remembered Jake mentioning something about having a roommate who broke up with his girlfriend, but figured he’d be tucked away in his room, not chilling on the couch in the dark.

“Tough day, huh?” I said, trying to make this less awkward.

“Yeah. You could say that,” he said, giving a sarcastic laugh.

“I’m Remi, by the way.”


A minute of silence passed between us. I looked around, searching for something to say, wishing Jake would hurry the fuck up.

“Jake told me you and your girl broke up. Wanna talk about it? I’m a good listener.”

“What’s there to say. Women are fucking evil — no offense.”

“None taken. A lot of us are evil,” I laughed. “Maybe you’re picking the wrong women.”

“Yeah. Maybe you’re right. I don’t know. I guess looking for love at this age is stupid.”

“How old are you?” I asked, figuring he was nearing thirty with that big ass beard he was sporting.


“You know, we are more like guys than we admit. Most of us just wanna have fun. I think there’s a song about it. You gotta wait until we’re tired of the game and ready to settle down.”

Hunter listened with quiet contemplation as Jake came out of the bathroom.

“Should we continue the tour?” Jake asked, helping me out of the chair.

“I’d love that,” I said.

It was nearing two in the morning and I could feel my energy fading, made clear by the yawns fighting their way from my mouth.

Jake led us up a steep flight of wooden stairs to a hallway with three separate doors.

“At the end is the master bath,” Jake said. “Hunter’s room is on the left, and here’s mine.” Jake opened the white paneled door on the right, inviting me inside his lair.

I loved the vibe his room put out. It’s so much more than the simplicity downstairs. Classic reprints of Van Gogh and Picasso. Motivational quotes etched alongside of them. It was homey with a touch of class, and he even made his king-sized bed. Even had throw pillows arranged against the headboard.

“I’m impressed. You decorate all this yourself?”

Jake stepped to a tall dresser in the corner and dug through the top drawer. “Yeah. Decorating is my secret passion. Don’t tell anyone, though. Okay? Don’t want my man-card revoked.”

“Hmm. I guess I’ll keep your secret. Wouldn’t want anyone knowing you’re not as macho as you seem.”

Jake moved closer and brushed my hair back with his fingers. “You look tired. Want me to grab you a pair of boxers and sweatshirt so you can go to sleep?”

Exhaustion was taking hold, and curling up in that gigantic bed sounded amazing, but I didn’t get all dressed up and come home with this hunk, just to falter at the finish line.

“I’m sorry,” I said, hanging my head. “I just need to rally. Keep waiting for that second wind to kick in.”

“Funny you mention that. I might have something that can help.” Jake opened his hand, revealing two pink pills in his palm.

“What are they?” I asked, embarrassed by my inexperience.

“Molly. I’ve had them for a while, but never tried them. A guy at work gave them to me.”

“I’m game if you are.” I grabbed one and held it up and we both popped them into our mouths at the same time.

We both laughed as the chalky pills disintegrated in our throats, excited and nervous about the unknown journey we were embarking on.

The laughter faded quickly, though. Jake locked me with those devilish dark eyes, daring me to look away.

God damn he’s sexy.

Jake moved closer, standing inches from my face. “Can I tell you something?”

I nodded, unable to speak through the sparks ringing in my ears.

“I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

My head fell, uncomfortable with compliments. “You probably say that to every girl you bring back here.”

Jake hissed a quiet laugh. “Yeah. You’re right. But I’ve never meant it. I’ve never been this close to perfection. You make me nervous.”

My breathing increased with each word. My chest was tight and heaved with nerves as Jake erased the distance between us, resting his forehead against mine.


Resisting these desires was impossible. I turned my head up at Jake, wrapping my arms around his neck until his soft lips pressed against mine.

It’s like an explosion of pent up frustration bursting at once. Our hands drifted freely across each other’s bodies while our tongues locked together in some sort of battle for supremacy.

With one swift motion, Jake hiked my dress up over my ass, squeezing my soft flesh with his powerful hands.

An inadvertent moan ejected from my throat. I’m unable to disguise how his touch weakens me, and no longer care about being seen as an innocent lady. What I wanted was for Jake to ravage my body and use me for his selfish pleasure.

Jake slid two fingers beneath the band of my panties, pulling them halfway down my ass. My legs weakened. I’m hardly able to stand, leaning against his body to hold myself upright.

Jake read my weakness, using his superior strength to push me toward the bed, dropping me to the soft mattress when my knees collide against the edge.

He leaned before me as I sat motionless, running his rough hand down the length of my leg, carefully unbuckling the straps on my heels and placing them on the floor.

Jake’s touch is sensual. Every movement designed to crumble my defenses, leaving me powerless to resist his caring touch.

With my legs opened, Jake crawled up my body, towering above me like a conqueror, ready to feast on his spoils.

He kissed my lips, biting gently against the bottom while holding my face with his hands.

Minor explosions of energy tingled between my thighs, running down my legs and up my arms, and spinning circles in my stomach. Breathing seemed impossible. I sucked in, trying to grab some air, but my lungs felt shut off, leaving me squirming and begging for Jake to save me.

Jake remained cool and steady, pulling away from me and slipping my panties down my legs.

A rush of cooled relief tangled with the immense heat pouring from my pussy. I knew I was turned on, but once Jake exposed my secret spot, the wetness leaking from between my legs didn’t seem real.

I couldn’t contain the excitement. It flooded from my core, sticking against my thighs and dripping down my ass, and for a brief worried moment, I thought I’d drunkenly pissed myself, but that slippery warmth couldn’t be mistaken for anything but pure desire.

Jake pulled me to him, standing me on my shaky legs. The ease of his dominance shocked me.

I loved it.

Placing his hands on my shoulders, Jake turned me away from him. For a second, I thought he was about to bend me over and fuck me like a wild animal, but he remained patient, unzipping my dress and sliding it free from my arms.

I stood bare in front of him, unable to hide, my imperfections clearly visible to his wandering eye. Jake’s hand traced the outline of my body, starting beneath my arms, across my waist, until he rested against my ass.

“Let me see you,” he said, turning me back to face him.

The glowing white of the LED lighting danced across my nakedness, giving him just enough light to take in all of me.

“God damn,” he said, his voice hitching. His hands drifted up my body, caressing my breasts, teasing my nipple. “Your fucking incredible, Remi. Jesus.”

Jake’s words drip with honesty, as do his eyes. He took me all in, his full lips hanging slightly open like a wild beast ready to strike.

I never felt so sexy in my life.

Pushing me back again, Jake laid me across the bed, leaving my legs to dangle over the edge. He fell to his knees in front of me, kissing my ankles and caressing each leg with those mighty hands.

His touch turned me into putty. Each kiss sending chills racing up my spine as the short stubble on his face scratched against my smooth legs.

My heart needed a break before it exploded, but Jake continued upward, past my knees, up my inner thighs.

Jake took his time, letting the inferno rage inside me as he worshipped my body like a goddess, making sure he didn’t miss an inch for fear of missing some mystery I hid from him.

Closer, he inched. My hands gripped the soft comforter in anticipation.

Just fucking do it, I begged silently.

It happened fast. Jake’s tongue slid through my slit until his powerful tongue pressed against the pulsing hardness of my clit.

A pent up moan echoed off the thin walls as I failed containing the things happening within my body. I covered my mouth, biting down against the skin, desperate to keep my pleas from reaching Hunter downstairs.

Jake didn’t give a fuck. He devoured me like a man possessed, wrapping his lips over my throbbing button while sliding a finger into my neglected hole.

It’s too much. My hips ground against his face, riding it, sliding my clit in small circles around his tongue as his finger pounded my insides.

With the wetness flowing out of me, Jake eased another finger inside my tightness, but sees my thirst isn’t quenched. A third finger pierces my vulnerability. I’ve never been filled like this, but ride his fingers until the orgasmic dam I’d been holding back finally burst.

The intensity is like nothing I’d experienced. Powerful waves rolled through my core, followed by singular flutters that danced down from beneath my stomach, until a last ball of fiery energy sent a rush of warmth gushing from between my legs.

My calves locked as I sat up straight.

Holy fuck. I just squirted.

Jake growled, lapping me up like a wild dog, obsessed with my sweetness as I looked down at him, shocked.

His intensity triggered a smaller, more clitoral orgasm. The ones I’m more familiar with, knocking me back onto the bed and leaving me laying there in a quivering pile of lustful exhaustion.

Jake slid up next to me and I grabbed his hand, fearing his touch. “You’re really fucking good at that,” I said, breathing deep. “That’s never happened.”

A sly smile crossed Jake’s lips as he wiped his face clean of my filth. “I find that hard to believe,” he said, his hands sliding up my skin.

Jake climbed out of bed and removed his shirt, displaying his muscular chest and broad shoulders. He’s strong and powerful, but not ripped and gross, like the guys on book covers. His frame is more subtle and real, and sexy as fuck. I try not to stare, but, holy shit, I never believed I could land a man this beautiful.

Flipping to my stomach, I crawled toward Jake, my eyes locked on the excited bulge protruding from the front of his jeans.

“Is that for me?” I asked, my mouth watering for him.

Undoing the stubborn belt, I tore at the buttons and anxiously pulled down the zipper, helping Jake pull his pants down those muscular legs.

Jake stood motionless in a pair of light blue boxer briefs. His body is a modern art masterpiece, chiseled in all the right spots. Mighty, with thick upper legs and a slim mid-section, and for the first time, I understood what perfection meant.

I took my finger and slid my nail beneath the band of his underwear. “Take them off,” I said, snapping the tight fabric against his skin.

I wanted to watch his body move while removing this last piece and store this moment in my memory in case I’m never lucky enough to find myself in the presence of greatness again.

Jake did as told, moving slowly, his hands sliding the thin fabric down those meaty legs, bending slightly to shield my front row view.

And then he stood.

I’ve never been one to obsess over a man’s penis. Size wasn’t something I considered important. But Jake’s cock was marvelous. Clean and cut. Thick, with tight ridges wrapping around the sides.

I wrapped my fingers around the shaft, amazed when I can’t fully close them. His fat dick radiating heat in my palm, throbbing with each precious heartbeat.

How am I going to fit this inside me?

I’d deal with that question later. For now, all I wanted was to taste his essence. To consume him. Make him mine.

I teased the underside of Jake’s mighty shaft, enthralled by how it danced with each light tickle of my tongue. My obsession grew as I moved back and forth along the entirety, obsessing over the rough edges before wrapping my lips around the thick head.

Jake’s overexcitement greets my lips. His taste is sweet with a hint of saltiness erupting against my tastebuds. I sank down, determined to engulf all I can, but only manage about half of him before the pressure against my throat forced me back.

I felt like a dirty whore. Laying on my stomach, sucking a stranger’s cock. Girls like me don’t do things like this, but Jake had me wanting more. I wanted to please him so he’d never forget my name, and bring him satisfaction that would haunt his memories forever.

Spit dribbled down my chin as Jake choked me with his cock. I’m like one of those girls I’ve seen in porn, and surprised at how sexy being dirty makes me feel.

Jake seemed to enjoy it as well. His groans intensified the sluttier I became. My hands stroked his entire length while I worked the head with my lips, spitting on it to keep it slippery so I can stroke him faster.

He was close.

I’d never let a man finish in my mouth, but this new version of me wanted Jake to erupt and fill my slutty throat with his jizz.

Nothing could stop me.

I tightened my lips around the head, swirling my tongue around the underside while my hand jerked his cock with ferocious passion, determined to finish him like he finished me.

Jake’s breathing staggered. His knees buckled as the impending eruption overtook his balance. I had him. Jake was succumbing to my slutty desires.

But Jake had other plans. He pushed me away just as he reached the edge and gripped the base of his cock, struggling to will his orgasm back into his body.

My head fell against the bed in disappointment. I was sure Jake would spoil my innocence and ruin me for any man who came later.

“Jesus,” Jake said, his face painted with shock. “You weren’t gonna stop, were you?”

Shaking my head, I gave a devious smile and bit my lower lip.

Jake laughed. “As much as I want that, mainly because no girl has ever done it for me, I need to fuck you first.”

His words pierced through me, sending another rush of wetness to flood my already sopping cunt. The way he spoke and how his eyes narrowed when he looked at my body made his attraction obvious.

Flipping to my back, I slid up the bed until my head rested on Jake’s soft pillow and opened my legs, slipping a finger through my wetness.

I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. Jake hopped on the bed and joined me, sitting on his knees, still staring down at my body like I’m a piece of meat.

He knelt and kissed me, pulling back as I lifted to attack. He was toying with me, taking advantage of my weakness. My legs rubbed together with anticipation, like some sort of deranged mating cricket.

But Jake remained patient.

He rustled through the small nightstand and pulled out a condom. He lifted my leg and slid back between as he fumbled with the foil pack, positioning himself to take me.

I watched impatiently as he rolled the thin latex over his enormous cock, squeezing the tip to make room for his coming explosion.

This wasn’t his first rodeo.

I imagined all the girls who laid right where I laid now, anxiously waiting for him.

I didn’t give a fuck about those girls, though. They weren’t me. I was better than them, and they weren’t here now.

Jake ran the tip of his covered cock across my clit, teasing my hardened nub until bolts of energy coursed through me as he used my wetness to prepare my little hole.

No amount of preparation could prepare me for what was coming. With a gentle thrust, Jake’s meaty head entered me, making me gasp and arch my back as I fought to accept his girth.

I placed my hands on Jake’s hips, prepared to push back when the pain became too much, but something else was happening.

That Molly we took. Yeah. It fucking took hold, and it was like a switch being flipped.

The sounds of our breathing intensified in my ears. I smelled his manliness. Tasted his cock still lingering on my lips. I felt all of him inside me, the thick veins pumping his excited blood around the shaft, pulsing and throbbing.

Everything’s magnified ten fold. Jake leaned over me, sliding his cock from my body before plunging deep into my depths.

My senses overloaded as I lifted and kissed his chest, tasting the sweaty salt bubbling on his skin, closing my eyes to hide from the vivid colors flashing around the room.

The feel of his cock pulling my velvety walls apart were sending pricks of intense pleasure throughout my body. It wasn’t orgasmic. It was something I’d never experienced. Out of body. Confusing.

I wanted more. Jake’s movements were slow and steady, but I pulled him back inside with my legs each time he tried escaping because this vicious emptiness filled me whenever he left.

The hidden porn starlet living within me came flying out. I don’t know what made the idea flash in my mind. The drugs, I’m guessing. But once the idea came, I couldn’t shake it.

“Do you think Hunter would like to join us?” I asked, dripping with a confidence I couldn’t believe I had.

Jake paused and looked at me with confused eyes. “Umm, do you want him to join?”

I didn’t know Jake’s intentions after tonight. Did he see a possible future with me? Or was this a one time fling? I wanted to believe he’d want more, but guys like Jake are hard to pin down, and me asking Hunter to join made it obvious that I’m no longer the girl you bring home to mom.

“Call him up here,” I said, pulling out from under Jake. I hopped up on my knees and teased Jake’s cock, stroking him with my own juices.

Jake reached down to his pants crumpled on the floor and grabbed his phone. “If you want him up here, you ask him.”

The distinct ringing of FaceTime pierced the silence as Jake handed me the phone. Hunter answered, his face still painted with sadness as he looked at me, confused.

“Hey, Hunter,” I said, smiling seductively, letting the camera pan down my body. “I was wondering if you’d like to join us? It might make you feel better.”

Hunter ended the call without responding, and I felt a pit forming in my stomach. I’d overstepped. I’d lost my mind and did something stupid, and both Hunter and Jake would see me as some stupid slut who thought it a good idea to fuck two roommates at once.

Then I heard someone bounding up the stairs. Hunter was coming.

Holy fuck.

This was happening.




I write fantasies so you don't have to.

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Sloan James

Sloan James

I write fantasies so you don't have to.

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